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    Did you know that those black streaks on your roof are not just unsightly, but they are actually EATING YOUR ROOF? Not only is it eating your roof, but it may be making your family sick!


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Benefits of Cleaning Your Roof
Commercial & Residential

That's Mold and Mildew up there on your roof!

This can work its way inside your home through ridge vents and soffits, these culprits can cause health problems, people suffering from COPD or asthma and any one with respiratory illness who live in this environment it may become hazardous to their health and quality of life.
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Fungus Destroys
Your Roof!

Roof fungus absorbs the oils from your roof’s shingles causing them to become brittle and leak, thus the need for early roof repair or roof replacement.

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The Color Black
Collects Heat!

Roof fungus causes your roof to act like a solar panel rising the attic temperature three times it's normal temperature. This causes your air conditioner to work harder and your need for more roof repairs and electric bills go up!

Roof Cleaning is a Recommended Maintenance

Roof cleaning is a maintenance recommended by the manufacturer who makes your shingles to insure 25 years of roof life or more!

The Roofing Association recommends Chemical Roof Cleaning + Pressure Cleaning Roofs to maximize productivity.

As a home owner, you are aware that your home is probably your largest investment and that taking care of it is an important and necessity in maintaining its value. Unlike the inside of your home, the exterior is exposed for all to see, and it can reflect heavily on your image.

Maintaining great curb appeal is pretty high up on the maintenance budget. Lawn care services, landscape maintenance, painting projects, and exterior cleaning are all definite home improvements that give you the best bang for your buck. There is nothing that screams curb appeal more than a good house cleaning, fresh mulch, trimmed shrubbery and a thick green lawn.

One of the biggest eye sores and curb appeal killers is roof mold and fungus. Roof mold appears as black stains or streaks on your roof's shingles. It can really take away from the beauty of an otherwise gorgeous home. So what can be done about these unsightly black streaks? Roof cleaning using the PRESSURE method plus CHEMICAL cleaning will insure that that mold is iradicated.

Roof Cleaning Can Help You Sell Your House

With the housing market in one of its worst slumps in decades, many homeowners that are trying to sell are brainstorming creative ways to differentiate their home from the rest. Some have the interior painted, some work on the landscaping, while others will actually go so far as to throw in gifts like electronics and furniture. But very rarely does it occur to these folks that their filthy, algae-covered roof is probably keeping the buyers away!

Make sure that your roof is as clean as new and don’t forget the concrete while you are at it.

Nothing screams I have been well taken care of more than a clean exterior, so let your home tell the world that you are meticulous. Imagine a potential buyer pulling into the driveway of an otherwise beautiful home, but the roof and driveway is covered in some kind of mystery black stuff. They are going to think that the roof needs replacing, when in fact it only needs to be washed and cleaned really good. How is that for having lousy curb appeal?

Your potential buyers will be deducting the cost of a new roof from their offer before they even step foot into the house. Roof stains or moss could also catch the attention of a home inspector who might decide to make negative comments about it to his clients, who in turn might offer less than they would otherwise.

The only answer is for you to have your roof cleaned using industry proven cleaning chemicals and an effective pressure method. You can have it cleaned at a fraction of the cost of replacement and the price you pay to have your roof cleaned will add thousands in instant curb appeal to your home and bring you a higher price at closing!

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